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Glorietta Elementary School

Glorietta Elementary School

First Grade



Language Arts
Glorietta  first graders use the Houghton Mifflin reading adoption material. This literature-based program follows the state framework integrating reading, writing, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. First graders participate in the Early Bird/Late Bird schedule. Students are provided leveled reading practice to enhance their reading skill development.

First graders participate in Writer’s Workshop , based on Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project to develop the skills necessary to produce authentic writing. Genres include: personal narratives, non-fiction 'All Abouts', poetry, and realistic fiction.

We use the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics text, aligned with the California State Standards for Mathematics. Supplementary materials and differentiated instruction enhance understanding and mastery of concepts while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Full Option Science Studies (FOSS) Units emphasize hands-on experiences in life, physical and earth sciences. In addition, cross-curricular thematic units tie science topics to language arts, math and social studies. Units include: solids and liquids, air and water, and plants and animals.

Social Studies
Scott Foresman's Adventures in Time and Place aligns first grade Social Studies to the literacy series. Social Studies units also coordinate with thematic studies of literature, math and science. School-wide Character Education themes teach social responsibility and are taught throughout the year.

Art instruction is delivered in the Art Studio every two times a month. Our art specialist uses a variety of media in lessons designed to enhance thematic units being taught in the classroom. Students develop an appreciation for the fine arts while becoming familiar with artistic technique.

Students attend the library with the classroom teacher and the support of a library technology aide. Students check out library books weekly.

Vocal music instruction is offered each week by the Music Specialist.

Physical Education
Students receive 100 minutes of physical education every week. In addition to the 40 minutes provided by the classroom teacher, children have 30 minutes of instruction, two times a week, with a credentialed P.E. teacher.

Students have access to instruction for technology use under the direction of the classroom teacher. Lessons focus on basic keyboard familiarity, drawing and introduction of computer terminology. Specially designed "web field trips" enhance thematic units in the classroom. Students also have access to computers and a Smart Board in the classroom thanks to our Parents Club generous donations.