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Glorietta Elementary School

Glorietta Elementary School

Fourth Grade



Fourth grade teachers all work together to plan a curriculum that honors differentiated learning styles and challenges the students. Fourth grade is a transitional year for students. They experience a longer day, larger classes and greater responsibility for their learning. They are expected to use the reading skills acquired in the primary grades to learn about science and social studies.

The OUSD School Board has adopted the California State Standards for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.
Students are expected to read fluently from a variety of literature and informational sources. Fourth grade students read several core novels, such as Island of the Blue Dolphins, By the Great Horn Spoon, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Westing Game.

Students learn to write in a variety of genres. They are expected to learn the structure for these styles and use the strategies taught during Writer's Workshop to write accurate, interesting pieces.

Fourth grade math is rigorous. Students are taught with a standards based text in flexible groups.  Students study multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, probability and statistics and much more throughout the year.

Fourth grade social studies (Scott Foresman) is based on California geography and history. Students learn about early history including Native Americans, missions and the gold rush through research-based projects. They also study California's journey to statehood and the expansion of the United States through technology that helped to connect California to the rest of the country.

Students study (Foss science) with classroom instruction supplemented by a hands on science lab each week. Students study plants and animals by learning their needs and how they are connected using food chains and food webs. They learn about the earth through plate tectonics, rock formation and weathering and erosion. Finally, they study magnetism and electricity by looking at circuits.

Students also enjoy enrichment classes in the areas of art, music, and physical education taught by our specialists. Technology, library, media skills, and information are taught once weekly by classroom teachers.Thanks to our Parents Club generous donations, each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, computers, and mobile laptop cart that is shared by all upper grade classrooms.

Special presentations and in-class activities are designed to extend learning in subject areas such as geography, math, technology, science, and social studies.