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Glorietta Elementary School

Glorietta Elementary School

Second Grade



Reading and Language Arts
During the Early/Late Bird schedule, second grade emphasizes vocabulary development, story outcome, comprehension, themes, messages, author's style, and illustrations. Oral and written language is integrated with spelling, reasoning, phonics, and creative thinking as stories are explored. Using strategies from the Columbia Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project (CTCRWP), students are provided leveled reading practice. Writing instruction is founded on CTCRWP and students participate regularly in Writer's Workshop. In addition, grammar exercises are used to address and enhance language mechanics and conventions.  Materials Used:
   * Houghton-Mifflin Reading Series Textbooks and Workbooks | Trade Books
   * Leveled Books

Second grade uses FOSS Kits and teacher designed units to promote student investigation with experimentation in the life, physical, and earth sciences.

The second grade uses the Houghton Mifflin Expressions Mathematics program. Operations, critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies, estimation, data collection and analyzing, statistics, geometry, and probability are emphasized. In addition, we use teacher designed games and activities, as well as OUSD support and enrichment materials.

Materials Used:
* Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Expression
* OUSD Support and Enrichment Packets

Social Studies
We use text, as well as literature, music, and food to develop concepts of social responsibility and cooperation, geographic awareness, and cultural diversity. Classroom organization fosters responsibility and a sense of community pride. Second grade supports the school-wide emphasis on character education, focusing on five different themes.

Materials Used:
* My World Interactive, Savvas

Children spend forty minutes weekly with an art specialist. They will complete art projects that correspond with other areas of the curriculum.

On-line Field Trips
Field trips throughout the year enrich learning in content areas. Traditionally, second grade field trips have included: Heather Farms, Black Diamond Mine, and California Academy of Science. Other on site presentations include Insect Discovery Lab.

Second grade students formally visit the library once a week. Students learn about authors and new/special books, hear a story read aloud, and check out books.

The children have one half hour of music each week with a specialist.

Physical Education
Students receive 100 minutes of physical education every week. In addition to the 40 minutes provided by the classroom teacher, children have 30 minutes of instruction, two times a week, with a credentialed P.E. teacher.

The second graders go to the STEAM lab and receive technology instruction under the direction of the classroom teacher. Students also have access to ipads and a Smart Board in the classroom thanks to our Parents Club generous donations.